Conveyor belt that resists the impact forces and abrasion of impinging crushed stone….
Power plant specifications that resist abrasion and textile reinforcements that maintain dimensional stability…
High tension, high capacity conveyor & elevator belt for shipping terminals…
MSHA rated conveyor belt with outstanding abrasion resistance for handling coal and petcoke…

All-State Belting teamed up with Continental AG to bring Contitech high performance conveyor belt to North America over 15 years ago…today, Continental is the largest belt manufacturer in the world.

Duraline Yellow Dot brand belt was created by our sister company Belterra in Canada to fill a niche market. Today All-State Belting distributes Duraline & Duraline Plus high performance belt throughout the US.

Yokohama “Hamaheat” high temperature conveyor belt will not harden or crack when handling hot clinker. Rated for product temperatures up to 700F, its performance is unparalleled.

Press release: All-State Belting LLC acquires Duecker Rubber Service, Inc of Houston Texas. Bringing DRS into the All-State fold introduces new products and capabilities to…

Technical support services such as Elevator & Conveyor System Tension Analysis, Cover Wear Life Analysis, Ultrasonic Cover Gauge Analysis, Product Containment & Dust Suppression Analyses, and more conducted by our representatives bring added value to our clients by allowing them to track total cost of ownership for their conveyor systems, belts, and wear items. Learn more about the Engineering & Technical Services we offer on the Services Page.


“On our most extreme high-heat clinker belts we simply haven’t had anything last as long and perform as good as Hamaheat belts.” ~ Dennis Davis, Maintenance Planner, CEMEX

“Vulcanized splices that last the life of the belt, less wear and tear on the system from carry-back, increased belt life, and savings on the maintenance man-hours are the main benefits we have realized using Hamaheat belts.” ~ Tony Guettner, Maintenance Superintendent, Capitol Cement

“From less downtime and dramatically longer belt life to reliable splices and reduced maintenance hours spent, Hamaheat belts have allowed us to use our resources more efficiently for over five years now. To say that Hamaheat has made a big improvement to our operation would be an understatement.” Ken Upchurch, Maintenance Supervisor, TXI Midlothian Cement



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