With recycling becoming more and more important in our world today, reclaiming paper, glass, metal, or yard waste presents many challenges to users processing these materials. All-State Belting has many conveyor belts that resist the abrasive metals and oils present in recycled materials.

We have fabrication capabilities to make the following recycling belts:  

  • Magnetic Separator Belts, including Eddy Current systems 
  • Cut, Tear, and Puncture-Resistant belt for metal recycling applications 
  • Rubber and PVC cleated incline belts to take material up steep inclines 
  • Sorting Line Belts - Metal Clad Belts - Non-Magnetic Fasteners
  • Tub and Horizontal Grinder Belts  

Let our people know of your recycling challenges, and we will specify the right belt for your application to keep your operation running effectively and within budget.