Wood Pulp Paper

The Wood, Pulp, & Paper Industries each provide unique challenges in material handling. Today’s mills require high-speed lumber processing with conveyor belts and components that are resistant to impact stresses & terpenes present in the wood. Our Log Deck belt utilizes a special textile reinforcement, Crows Foot Weave, that is many times more rip & tear resistant than standard 200# Plain Weave found in other log handling belts.

All-State Belting provide belts that operate at low coefficients of friction (energy efficiency) on Wood Chip pan conveyors as well as Abrasion Resistant Non-Marking Planer Slowdown belts. Our MOR (Moderately Oil Resistance) wood products specification has the abrasion resistance of a Grade 1 Aggregate Duty belt providing extended service life. 

We inventory a full spectrum of high performance conveyor belts to address the demands of the Wood, Pulp, and Paper industries. Check out the product spotlight on our Duraline red Slowdown belt on the Products tab. 

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