The grain, feed, and seed industries each provide unique demands for material handling. We have a full line of agricultural belting that meets these demands when conveying or elevating these materials.

Whether you are conveying grain through a tripper in a processing plant or elevating oily grains in a feed mill, we have all the belting products needed to help your facility run at peak performance.

All-State Belting stocks a tremendous volume of Heartland Rubber and PVC grain belting from 150# to 800# with covers to meet every agricultural need. Our grain belts resist the attacks of oils and cold temperatures. The covers are static conductive with a surface electrical resistivity far exceeding OSHA mandates. The fire retardant construction meets MSHA specifications. We have automated hole punching equipment that produce elevator belts expediently and accurately.

Let our experienced ASB Customer Service and Engineering teams provide you with a comprehensive tension analysis for your elevator and conveyor belt needs.