Bulk Terminal

Maximize Throughput – Minimize Downtime

All-State Belting understands the demands placed on today’s bulk material handling terminals. Whether conveying Coal/Pet Coke, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Urea, Grain, or another bulk material, All-State Belting has solutions that maximize throughput and minimize downtime. 

Bulk terminal conveyor design has trended towards wider, faster, higher tonnage systems placing ever increasing demands on conveyor belt covers and tensile reinforcements. All-State Belting designs and manufactures conveyor belts (Duraline, Heartland) to meet the impact, abrasion, and load support requirements of bulk terminal conveying applications. 

At All-State, high performance conveyor belt cover compounds that resist the sliding and impinging abrasion effects of bulk materials are coupled with engineered textile and steel cord reinforcements that stand up to elevated tonnages and high belt speeds. We customize conveyor belt for your application and can incorporate special carcass and cover enhancers that give extra resistance to sliding abrasion, gouging, ripping and tearing. 

The end result? Conveyor belts that last longer leading to reduced downtime and increased throughput all without busting your operational/cap-ex budget. 

Reach out to your regional All-State Belting representative for a consultation today and keep your Bulk Material Handling Terminal running at optimal levels.