Food Processing

Are you Food Safe?

All-State Belting has been providing lightweight conveyor belts to a variety of food processing industries for decades. Whether you operate an artisan bakery with forming, proofing and depanning lines, a chocolatier with confectionary lines, a dairy with cheese slicing lines, a meat & poultry processor with spiral freezers, or a frozen veg factory with peas & corn in a hydrocooler, our temperature & oil resistant Nitrile, oil & stain resistant RMV, durable PU, cost effective PVC, and rugged modular plastic belts are designed with your application in mind (General Products Catalog).

Experienced in the food processing industry, All-State understands the stringent guidelines you operate under…FDA, USDA, AAA Dairy, HACCP, and so forth. We have solutions to keep your plant hygienic and food safe. From metal-detectable belts & cleaners to anti-microbial rubber modified vinyl belts to welded endless and fabricated belts, we’ve got your conveying needs covered.

Call your local All-State Belting representative now to find out how your food processing plant can benefit from our expertise.