Oil & Gas

Frequently Hot, Sometimes Oily, Always Abrasive!

Whether its superheated petroleum coke produced in refineries, calcined coke produced in carbon plants, or silica sand mined, screened, and transported to the hydraulic fracturing fields, the bulk materials conveyed in the oil & gas industries present a hot, abrasive mess! All-State Belting stocks conveyor belts specifically designed for these conditions.  

Do your high temp belts harden and crack after long term exposure to superheated pet coke, met coke, or silica sand? The surface cracks in high temp belts allow fines to carryover the discharge chute and deposit them along the return side of the conveyor resulting in contaminated bearings, product loss and housekeeping duties nobody has time for. 

At All-State Belting, we keep Yokohama Hamaheat belt in stock for your high temp Petroleum Coke and Silica Sand applications. Hamaheat belts resist the age accelerating effects of elevated temperatures (up to 750F) without cracking or swelling. The specially compounded rubber covers also exhibit excellent abrasion resistance and vulcanized splices that last the life of the belt. 

No cracks – No carryback – No problem! 

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