With recycling becoming more and more important in our world today, reclaiming paper, glass, metal, and yard waste presents many challenges to reclamation & sortation facilities. All-State Belting has many specialized conveyor belts that resist the abrasive metals and oils present in recycled materials.

We have fabrication capabilities to make the following recycling belts:  

  • Magnetic Separator Belts, including Eddy Current systems 
  • Cut, Tear, and Puncture-Resistant belt for metal recycling applications 
  • Rubber and PVC cleated incline belts to take material up steep inclines 
  • Sorting Line Belts - Metal Clad Belts - Non-Magnetic Fasteners
  • Tub and Horizontal Grinder Belts  

Call an All-State Belting representative and let them know of your recycling challenges. They will specify the right belt for your application to keep your operation running effectively and within budget.